Frequently Asked Questions

Return & Warranty Policy

What is your return policy?

Products may be returned, within 60 days, for a refund if unused and in original packaging. All
returns are inspected upon receipt and after we confirm they have been returned in
new/unused condition, the amount paid less the re-stocking fee (10%) will be refunded. In
order to return a unit, an RMA must be completed. Click here to view and download the RMA form.

What is your warranty policy?

Electro-Technic Products offers a “limited” 90 day warranty. Products may be sent in for a warranty repair or replacement, within 90 days of purchase. Warranty repairs are only due to manufacturing defects. Physical damage or failure from misuse are not covered. The unit will be inspected upon receipt and a determination made whether the unit will be replaced or repaired at no charge. To to send in a unit, request an RMA here.

How do I return my item?

Products may be returned, within 60 days, for a refund if unused and in original packaging. All
returns are inspected upon receipt and after confirmation they are returned in new/unused
condition, the amount paid less the re-stocking fee (10%) will be refunded to you. In order to
return a unit an RMA must be requested please click here.

Shipping Information

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

In most cases, we ship within 10 business days or less but this can vary based on the product ordered.
Please contact for inquiries on order status.

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping costs will vary depending upon location and courier. Shipping rates are calculated in real-time, when ordering online, once added to the cart or quotation engine.

What companies do you use to ship?

UPS and FedEx are the couriers of choice. If you would like to use a different courier, it will be the responsibility of the customer to schedule pickup and delivery from our facility. Electro-Technic Products will provide shipping weight and dimensions, to you and your courier.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Electro-Technic Products ships internationally.

Repairs and Calibrations

How do I send my item in for repair and/or calibration?

In order to send your unit in for repair and/or calibration click here to complete the online form. You will receive a copy of your submission via e-mail - Print this copy and enclose it with your packaged product and send the package to our facilities. Upon arrival, we will inspect the unit(s) and send a quotation, as soon as possible.

How long will it take to repair my item?

Normally, 5 business days from receipt of payment or purchase order for the repair quotation.
This may vary, therefore, if you have questions on your repair status, please email

What will my repair cost?

The actual repair cost will vary by unit and can’t be determined until a repair estimate is completed – which costs $62 per unit. You can find instructions for this process here.

What will a calibration service cost?

Calibration services cost $ 100 per unit. A certificate will be included that has information about the product as it was received and as it leaves our facility.

How do I know if my item can be repaired?

In order to determine if a unit is repairable, you must send the unit in to Electro-Technic Products for inspection. You can find instructions for this process here.

What if my item can’t be repaired?

If your item can’t be repaired, we will ask if you want the unit returned to you or if we should scrap it. You can then determine if you want to purchase a new unit.

Product Information

How does a Tesla coil work?

Tesla coils are systems known as dual mode resonant transformers. This means they use the natural phenomena of resonance to take a small voltage, like what comes out of a wall plug, and transform it into the much higher voltage used to create an arc. This works the same way as shaking a flag pole – a small motion at the bottom is amplified to a big motion at the top. ETP has a Tesla coil embedded in each product and the arc is used in applications in high voltage leak or holiday detection and air plasma (corona) treatment. If you believe you have such an application and are interested in our products, please contact with your inquiry.

Which applications are most common for ETP’s Tesla coils?

ETP’s Tesla coils are primarily used in high voltage leak/holiday/pinhole detection and corona (air plasma) treatment applications, click here to see the many applications across the industries we serve. Please check individual product specifications and limitations as not all products are suitable for all applications.

I don’t know which product is best suited to my use case or application. Who should I contact?

Please review the manuals here to see if it answers your question. If you still have questions, please email with your questions.

Is the product manufactured in the USA?

Yes all products are manufactured at our facility located in Chicago, Illinois.

What is the purpose and use of Dyne Pens that come with the BD-20AC

Dyne Pens are used to measure the surface tension of a given surface prior to and post treatment to see if the surface achieves the required increase in surface tension after corona treatment. ETP sells Dyne pens as a box of pens that allow testing from 32 to 58 dynes/cm. View more information about our Dyne Pens by clicking here.


How can I check my order status?

If you placed the order via our online store, you will get an email notification if your order changes status and is ready to ship. If you placed the order via email or phone, please email to request order status. Be sure to include your order confirmation number which begins with the letters SO.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order after placing it?

If you placed the order online and have not received notification that it has been shipped, please call our sales line with order changes and we will do our best to modify the order prior to shipment. In the event the order has shipped, you can email or call us to request an RMA for replacement of the unit.

How long will it take to process my order?

All items are made to order. Orders are typically processed in 2 business days. However, shipping
times vary by product and are 2 days to 2 weeks from order placement based on current
production and order backlog. Please email or call us if you need to expedite your order.

Why didn’t I receive my order confirmation or shipping confirmation?

Order and shipping confirmations are automatically emailed to customers when an order ships through our system. If you didn’t receive your order confirmation, check your spam folder as they are sometimes filtered out by email clients.

I am an international customer and the product needs to work in my country. How do I know which product to select during checkout?

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (MC, V, AX) and PayPal for online orders. In addition, we also accept checks, ACH transfers, and wires for manual orders placed via email, phone, or for international customers who have requested a Pro-Forma invoice.

How long is my quotation valid?

Quotations are valid for 60 days, unless stated otherwise.


I need to make an inquiry or have already made an inquiry, what response time should I expect?

This can vary, but we do our best to respond within 48 hours. Should you require immediate assistance please state this in your email subject, email body, or voice message and we will do our best to respond accordingly.

How do I find a product on your website?

You have several options to search our website for our products:

- Enter the product code (Sku #) or product name in the search field by clicking the“magnifying glass” button, in the top right hand of website. This will display all the available products that contain your search criteria.

- You may search for a product via ‘product category’ under the shop all header, and then selecting the applicable product category.

- You may search for a product via the Applications page by going to the applications header and then selecting the applicable application.

Is the website secure?

Yes, the website is secured by the latest SSL certificate which ensures a private connection from the web server to your browser.

How do I sign up for promotions?

Please go here and let us know which products are of interest to you so we can send you promotional offers as they become available.

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