Industrial Leak and Holiday Detectors

Electro-Technic manufactures four handheld holiday detectors (BD-10, BD-40, BD-50, BD-60) to suit specific customer applications and test materials. Our introductory BD-10 model is intended for light/intermittent use while our BD-50/BD-60 models are more suited for continuous heavy duty use. Our model BD-40 has limited voltage output suitable for thin/sensitive linings. Each model comes with a detachable pointed electrode tip. Other types of electrode accessories are available.

Leak Testing of Tank Linings using High Voltage White Paper

Corona Treatment & PDMS Bonding White Paper

Corona Surface Treaters

Electro-Technic's surface treaters include a handheld model (BD-20AC) and a production line model (BD-80C). Our handheld model (BD-20AC) is suited for a manual operator to treat small surfaces to increase bonding or adhesion in lab/test environments. Customers looking for a production-scale corona treater can opt for our BD-80C model which features continous operation and can be customized to come with a conveyer belt and a mounting stand.

NDT Testing Equipment

Shop premium coating and ultrasonic thickness gauges used for the non-invasive measuring of certain coatings and materials.

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Spectrum tube models contain the following gases:


Argon Gas

Bromine Vapor

Carbonic Acid

Carbon Dioxide

Chlorine Gas


Helium Gas

50/50 Gas mixtures

Hydrogen Gas

Iodine Vapor


Mercury Vapor

Neon Gas

Nitrogen Gas

Oxygen Gas

Water Vapor


Spectrum Tubes

Electro-Technic Products manufactures 17 standard spectrum tubes filled with various gases. These tubes are used to educate students on the spectral lines seen at different wavelengths. Our tubes are 26 cm. long with a thin 10 cm. capillary tube connecting the 2 metal capped electrodes, on either end. Filled with research grade gases and vapors, our tubes are known worldwide for an extremely high quality spectrum.

Power Supplies

We also manufacture a power supply to operate our spectrum tubes (Model SP-200). It has a sleek and durable design to ensure ease of use and end user safety. The unit comes standard with an on/off switch as well as spring loaded sockets to ensure a 26 cm spectra tube will fit securely.

Coils and Power Supplies

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We also offer bottle/vial vacuum testing and corona treatment services. Please send us request for a customized quote for your application.

Other Products

We sell several other science and education products such as induction coils, battery rheostats and continue to expand our catalog.

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