ETP Calibration Maintenance Service (3 Years)

ETP Calibration Maintenance Service (3 Years)

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Annual Maintenance Contract

This maintenance contract is for 3 years of annual maintenance which includes calibration service and replacement of contacts for a single unit/product. You must purchase calibrated unit(s) that come with a certificate of calibration to purchase this contract which covers ongoing calibrations services. Please download and review the attached agreement for maintenance which will be applicable during the term. Additionally, download the RMA Customer Information form which needs to be completed and included with your unit(s) so ETP can track the service request.  Note that this charge also includes return shipping fees but items will need to be shipped to us at your cost. If you are sending multiple units, please select the appropriate quantity of service fees added to the cart to reflect the amount of items you are sending in for service.


Unit repairs (parts or labor) are not covered under this service contract and will incur additional charges if required.