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ETP is a manufacturer and distributor of the world’s best handheld leak detectors, corona surface treaters, and NDT equipment along with the highest quality science and education products.

Made in the USA

Since 1942, all ETP products are manufactured at our facility located in Chicago, Illinois.

International Shipping

Electro-Technic Products can ship products to anywhere in the world.

Quality Products

We only use the best parts and materials to manufacture our products.

Top sellers

BD-20AC Laboratory Corona


BD-10A High Frequency


BD-10AS High Frequency


Product categories

Corona Treaters

Shop our plasma treatment devices used for improving adhesion and bonding in printing, painting, laminating, coating, film applications and the fabrication of Microfluidics chips.

Thickness Gauges

Shop premium coating and ultrasonic thickness gauges used for the non-invasive measuring of certain coatings and materials.

Leak & Holiday Detectors

Shop our high voltage testers most commonly used for vacuum leak detection in vials, glass and porosity testing to identify holidays or pinholes in rubber linings, injection molds and welds.

Science Education

Shop our line of high quality gas-filled spectrum tubes, associated power supplies and re-magnetizers primarily used for for high-school and college demonstrations.

Product applications

Glass vial testing

Rubber lining testing

Surface treatment

Corrosion control

Medical instruments

Plastic pipes & cables

Neon Lights

Science Education

Vehicle Headlights

Our services

ETP provides repair and calibration services for select models

We work alongside our customers to ensure that all of their needs are taken care of. Send in a unit for repair or calibration service by following the process outlined on our Repair and Calibration page.

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